Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in , Grace and Grit. Ken Wilber, Author Shambhala Publications $25 (p) ISBN. Treya Killam Wilber is Terry Killam when you first meet her. She is a She meets and falls in love with Ken Wilber in a classic but somewhat bizarre romance. When Ken Wilber and Treya Killam met in , it was “love at first touch. Grace and Grit is the story of their life together until Treya’s death five years later.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Was given this book to read by a friend for a curriculum we are devising.

Of course, I’m sure he would say all the right things about women’s rights and gender roles, etc. Like my cousin – it has found its way onto my all-time favorite list. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It also w Wow! The separate self and its loveless grasping, desiring, avoiding—yes, definitely. Ken’s love for Treya is apparent throughout has a special authenticity to it. Reading this book took a long time and some effort. One of the most moving books I’ve read.

Four, there is a way out of this fallen state of sin and illusion, there is a Path to our liberation.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. Trust yourself, trust your psychic wilberr system.

A Response to Grace and Grit

May 28, Kevin rated gri it was amazing. It offers such personal insight into the dying process – but even more so into how that process can change ones perspectiv My dear cousin lent me her copy of this book a few months back and at the time told me it was one of her all-time favorite books — now after completing it myself — I completely understand why.

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But the aggressive tumor and treatment test this side of her “to the max”. Take this description of one woman, for example: It also weaves Treya’s writing into the tapestry and so you get a very strong sense of her coming along with you as you read.

Although written as a combination of journal entry and commentary, like a good novel Grace and Grit drew me in to participate in its story.

Was it worth it in the end? That seems a pretty remarkable story in and of itself, but she uses “cancer as a prompt aand ‘change those things in your life that need changing.

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It is also a fascinating story of how they grow and what they learn through Treyas five years of cancer until her death. You know if it was a real typhoon, you would have drowned. Against the backdrop of marriage and dealing with cancer, the real drama in the story is how both Terry and Ken learn to relate to God.

Rather, they tend to be hyperindividualistic, overly self-contained, never asking for help, always trying to do it themselves.

Grace and Grit

In other words, repressing certain emotions may or may not have helped cause the cancer, but since you want to stop repressing those emotions anyway, then use the cancer as a reason, as an excuse, to do so. The child accepts these rules and roles in an ans fashion—what researchers call the conformist stage.

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This book and this review took more time than I typically spend in reading and reviewing. If you are aware of the author Ken Wilber you will know to expect an erudite and scholarly text and indeed this book has this in spades. You can respond to the author gdace responses may be posted or on our messageboard. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

One of the nice parts of the book is that Ken includes excerpts from Treya’s journals, and I would have enjoyed hearing even more of her voice. I did want to quote Treya from page Learn more about Amazon Prime.


I have actually read it three times and learned something new each time.

Jul 28, randy rated it it was amazing. I greatly appreciated Wilber’s candor in documenting the difficulties they went through, their very human failings and frustrations and angers, before they got to the mutually nurturing place they finally achieved together–under the circumstances, a truly impressive git.

The old scorpion of self-criticism.

Grace & Grit: Spirituality & Healing in the Life & Death of Treya Killam Wilber by Ken Wilber

And science, in my opinion, is stripping us of our infantile and adolescent views of spirit, is stripping us of our prerational views, in order to make room for the genuinely transrational insights of the higher stages of development, the transpersonal stages of genuine wilver or contemplative development.

Write a customer review. It is a story with deep sadness but the kej of them have such a feeling of heartfelt joy in the world and in their lives that it seeps through. As I said before, this was an incredibly hard book to get though. The medical world and even sometimes the homeopathic world too often limits healing to getting rid of disease. As you can tell from the title, here healing is not the same as being cured.

To be honest, Ken himself sometimes comes off in the book gracs someone who rather likes to hear himself speak — although he does deserve much anc for being stoically honest in owning up to some of his own failings as Treya’s partner and caregiver, and he does not dress up his own mistakes. The marriage plans are not cancelled.