Kingsblood Royal, by Sinclair Lewis, free ebook. He was a junior bank officer named Neil Kingsblood, recently a captain of infantry. On their way north, after. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this. Kingsblood Royal is a satire depicting race relations, bias and attitudes in Midwest American in the ‘s after WWII. Neil Kingsblood, the protagonist, is a .

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Bugdoll, while Belfreda packs?

He remembered hearing that a Negro of any degree, though pale of face as Narcissus, is betrayed by the blue halfmoons of his fingernails. I’d rather live in Grand Republic than in a drafty old palace. Xavier belonged not to evening and mist and gossiping cowbells but to alert morning on the glittering rapids of unknown rivers.

Kingsblood Royal by Lewis, Sinclair

As Neil and Vestal got the supper, she meditated, “I love trying to think of you as a king, but I can’t do it. I thought of Lewis as a chronicler of mainstream American life, a life different from what I knew growing up in the Bronx.

Vestal had dug up wrinkled wrappings from pre-war Christmases, scarlet and silver and crocus-yellow, and ironed them out, and the odd-shaped boxes under the tree were a sparkling heap. Naturally there is a lot of racism in the town.


I don’t guess I recollect him very good, except he was a fine, big man, with a huge, enormous black beard—it tickled! Its interior was decorated with inlaid woods, olive-green and rose and gray.

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Neil Kingsblood, a veteran of WWII, returns home to Grand Republic, Minnesota after the war, and because he was wounded and now has a slight limp, his father suggests that he should do some family genealogy since he now can’t play sports. No ordinary bank teller could have afforded such richness, and Neil had been only a teller until a couple of months ago.

He was vague, but he did remember that Dr. His boss and co-workers? Sparrock, Hiram Sparrock, Dr. Just about fine in a nice jacket with a touch of fading to the red lettering on the spine, and very slight rubbing to edges. They oryal in the “back parlor” of Dr.

Kingsblood blows his stack at rotal club dinner after hearing a lot of racist drivel by confessing to the attendees that he’s Gonna Shout It Loud, He’s Kiingsblood And He’s Proud.

Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis

If your soldier friend has the guts to take it, and the imagination, he can be pretty proud of his ancestor. No kjngsblood answered her “Oo-hoo! Collectible – Very Good. In its two-story marble temple, with massive bronze gates, at Chippewa Avenue and Sibley Street, there were no offices to rent, and it did not house alien chiropractors and machinery-agents.


Neil remembered the hospital ward of a year ago.

Light Soiling and Edge Wear. Neil cajoled kinggsblood, “Now Granny, I learned in the Army that the French aren’t a bit wicked, as their funny papers make out. We read Kingsblood Royal for bookclub. Beauty is more than skin deep. This is the kind of dump I’ll get from now on. Please inquire for more detailed condition information. Your suggestion will be processed as soon as possible. Looking for More Great Reads?

I dislike Curtiss so much that we simply have to give him a wonderful spread. All day, all night, they had talked. Oh, didums want to be a king, in a castle? Golly, those fellows were patriotic! By God, she’ll leave one of them kintsblood, even if it kills her. Belfreda only nodded, and Vestal went off merrily.