Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard is a super high performance insulated dry- lining plasterboard suitable for mechanical fixing. Buy mm Kingspan Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard, a premium performance fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core bonded to mm. Kingspan Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard is a premium performance insulation, with a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core with mm .

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Ensure that safe methods of cleaning are used, as recommended by the suppliers of the spilt liquid.

Kooltherm K18| Insulated Plasterboard | Kingspan | Ireland

The screws should be driven straight until the heads are slightly below the paper surface of the plasterboard facing. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products. In total, nine Kingspan Insulation technologies were employed in the build kingxpan the new Aviva Stadium, including Kingspan Kooltherm K7 in the ceiling, a premium performance rigid thermoset insulation with thermal conductivities as low as 0.

The contribution of the product Total R-values depends on installation and environmental conditions.

Mechanical Fixing to Metal Furring Systems K18 Insulated Wallboard can be fixed by the use of proprietary metal framing systems to brick, block or concrete walls. This method may be used on timber frame, metal stud and track constructions or on any dry masonry walls that will support and retain the battens and associated fixings. Do you need help and advice on your project? Boards kingspna be stored inside a building.

It should, therefore, not be used to isolate dampness nor kingsapn used in continuously damp or humid conditions. Non-contaminated insulation site waste is recyclable, but there are currently no facilities in Australia to process returned material. The R-value will be reduced in the event of the accumulation of dust on the upward facing surfaces and in those cavities that are ventilated.


The insulation core is not resistant to some solvent-based adhesive systems, particularly those containing methyl ethyl ketone. The reverse facing of K18 Insulated wallboard is a Composite foil facing autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture. Adhesives containing such solvents should not be used in association with this product.

Cutting Cutting should be carried out either by kinsgpan a fine toothed saw, or by scoring with a sharp knife, snapping the board over a straight edge and then cutting the facing on the other side. As such, the will reflect light as well as heat, including ultraviolet light. Test – BS —6: The insulation core is resistant to short—term contact with petrol and with most dilute acids, alkalis and mineral oils.

Bree Industrial Estate Castleblayney Co. On existing constructions all surfaces should be clean and free of loose or flaking materials. Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard Model Specification You can also download the comprehensive model specification here.

Kingspan K18 Mechanically Fixed Insulated Plasterboard

We use cookies on our website www. For any enquiries, call or send an email to info kingspaninsulation. Fixings should not overlap board edges. Where adhesives are employed, soffit boards and boards at window heads should be temporarily supported.

72.5mm Kingspan Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard – pack of 11

Screws used for plasterboard fixing must comply with AS A plaster skim finish can also be applied to the boards. We’re ready to help. Sheets should be fixed using either drywall screws or suitable galvanised plasterboard nails located at kingspaan centres.


Cutting should be carried out either by using a fine toothed saw, or by scoring with a sharp knife, snapping the board over a straight edge and then cutting the facing on the other side.

Customer Review Write an online review and share your thoughts with other shoppers! Kingspan Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard may be used to line ceilings or infill where an exposed rafter is desired. The insulation core and facings used in the manufacture of K18 Insulated Plaster Board resist attack by mould and microbial growth and do not provide any food value to vermin. Available in in the standard size of mm wide by mm long, and in the following thicknesses If you have questions related to our products, or is seeking technical advice for your project, our customer care team is ready to help.

Specifications Thermal conductivity insulant thickness 0. A minimum of 20 mm bearing onto the timbers must be offered at each sheet joint. Ensure fixings are located no less than 10 mm from the edges of the sheet. If correctly applied, K18 Insulated Wall Board has an indefinite life.