Klan Otori II dan meningkat lagi di Klan. Otori III tapi dengan ending yang kurang memuaskan, akhirnya di seri IV ini semuanya terbayar. Wed,. 10 Oct The Harsh Cry of the Heron: The Last Tale of the Otori (Tales of the Otori) eBook: Lian Hearn: test. ru: Kindle Store. Kisah Klan Otori 4-The Harsh Cry of the. cerita Lord Otori Takeo dan keluarganya. Setelah Klan Otori III tapi dengan ending yang kurang Kisah Klan Otori 4. Lord Otori Takeo.

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Menceritakan kosah sisi Otori Shigeru, satu sosok bangsawan yang sangat memberikan jiwa kisah saga ini di buku Buku murah, banjir diskon dan hadiah. While of course it might be hard to get old and “frail” when you were once a fighter and your body functioning is a big part not only of your life but also your survival and those of your loved ones – I still can’t see him change to someone so “whiny” about it.

It’s important to remember that her world is a fantasy world, not a historical one: I’m still terribly glad I found it! Oori becomes possessed by a cat and under control of Hisao her half brother while Miki for the most part kisag from place to place under the control of various protectors.

She fights in a competition in her father’s place and wins against her suitor, the warlord Saga who threatens to attack the Three Countries. Download eBooks by author Lian Hearn.

Heaven’s Net Is Wide

Jun 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I liked this book a lot. But while the others sucked me in right away and had me engaged with the characters on a high level, this one disappointed me a lot. Probably I should have reread the original Otori series before circling back around to this prequel novel; I got confused about who people were, at least at first, and I’m sure some moments that were supposed to be emotionally significant didn’t land because I lacked the proper context, but it is still a compelling, and at times devastating read.


It is comprised of five volumes: Tales of the Otori Series. I cannot fault the writing in this book at all, and to be honest I cannot fault the plot either, simply my heart yearned for a slightly happier outcome for so many of the characters.

The Harsh Cry of the Heron (Tales of the Otori, #4) by Lian Hearn

What made this story even better as that we got to enjoy Takeo and Kaede’s future after having grown with them in their youth. Kisah mengenai kekalahan Otori dan intrik-intrik setelah kekalahan kln dikisahkan dengan sangat menarik dalam buku ini sampai kisah Lord Otori Shigeru yang sangat mengasyikan. The hero Takeo is the illegitimate son of a klab, brought up by his This is the fourth of a quartet of novels. Soon all was blackness and silence around–only the quail’s cry was heard.

Later, in battle she wounds Saga, thereby winning, only to discover that Hana and Zenko’s plotting has come to fruition in their absence.

Lian Kisan ‘s “Tales of the Otori” series is amongst my favorite reads. Good beginning to the Otori saga.

My klzn had given me the first book in this series as a birthday gift when I was in middle school, and I had loved it, though it had seemed really weird to me. I knew that this book would break my heart. I loved the first three books of kiash Tales of the Otori series, but I don’t think I can ever reread this one. First off – I read this when I was only a teenager myself when it was brand new, so my opinion might be different if I read it today.


Well-written story, with interesting characters.

And don’t read it before the other 4 books kosah because it’s a prequel. While I personally find tragedies born from miscommunication trying the desire to smack some of the characters with a rolled up newspaper for being thick was overwhelming This book is both brilliantly written and immensely frustrating.

Tales of the Otori 4. Otori Takeo, although destined by prophecy to be a great ruler and unifier, also is destined to fall in the way of a Greek trajedy. All the characters I came to know in the trilogy are old, still viable in a lot of ways, but have lost their immortality of youth. Perhaps I was torn between too many characters in this book and could not properly focus on a selected few thus being more emotionally connected to them.

So I understand what Hearn was trying to achieve, but I was frustrated by all the interesting people left along the way. The warriors are held above all others in this society, and have a variety of codes they live by. The more I read, the more I could foresee the destruction of everything dear to me at the end of the book.

Jan 01, Kitvaria Sarene rated it it was ok Shelves: Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing – eBooks. Recomiendo esta serie con los ojos cerrados a todos los que disfruten de las grandes leyendas e historias de amor sin final feliz.

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Which reminds me another reason I hated the book: Most of them have decided what they are going to do before the book starts, and then they do it. Loved it, couldn’t turn the pages faster!