SocialniDemokrati · Koalicijska pogodba Uploaded by. SocialniDemokrati · SD posvet “Slovensko zdravstvo na razpotju” – vabilo to ensure that, from onwards, Slovenia develops at a rate exceeding the EU average, to reduce unemployment and raise employment to the level stated in. ob uri je Alenka Bratušek, predsednica Vlade republike Predsednik SLS-a Franc Bogovič meni, da je koalicijska pogodba precej.

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It worked mostly ok and ability to write scripts for it also helped a lot. His plan for avoiding this outcome in the post-war world was that surplus countries would be koalicijskw to curtail their imbalances just as deficit countries were obliged to curtail theirs. It was also an ideology.

koa,icijska One of them would is potentially adding a layer of routing to Prevoz. What is missing is traffic data. Second, deflation is harmful in other ways, increasing the real value of private as well as public debt, raising real interest rates, and leading agents to postpone expensive purchases.

Adopting the euro is, if anything, an even harder commitment than gold. This dataset is complex enough that it would benefit from automatic checks — automated reimporting into real database and basic reports — unique institution, basic pivot tables. If economic historians have learned anything from the Great Depression, it is that deflation is dangerous.

The importance of this lays not so much in the Bretton Woods system itself as the negotiations leading up to it. He acknowledged that deflating in response to a loss of reserves, under already deflationary circumstances, was harmful not only for the initiating country but also its neighbours.


But that the question was unresolved is no excuse for forgetting it now. Basic tool was Google Spreadsheet and was used as a database that everyone could contribute to and it helped us sync the data together.

Jure Cuhalev

As it turns out, people are just not good at koalicjjska abstract numbers to go into billions and understanding moalicijska and what it means to spend 50 million on one thing and 1 billion on something else. Finally the data was moved into Semantic media wiki and visualised using d3. Here is the result: Do you have any ideas? Policies were therefore formulated to preserve the gold standard, not to stabilise output and employment.

As we run them through the same process, we get: I decided to build a tool to visualise their options. Let me know in the comments. With the election of new Slovenian prime minister we also got formal release of a Coalition agreement. The collapse of output and prices and the loss of savings as banks closed in the early s koakicijska precisely what the gold standard promised to prevent. Keynes drew this lesson from the Great Depression. After you reach about rows with 30 columns, it becomes almost unusable slow.

But the gold standard was not just a monetary arrangement. And interwar deflation ultimately had terrible political consequences, as well as economic ones. The point is that an international monetary system is to be a system in which countries on both sides of the exchange rate contribute to its smooth operation.


My friends are looking oogodba buy an affordable house around Ljubljana. As we run them through the same process, we get:. View the interactive map My friends are looking to buy an affordable house around Ljubljana. I helped mostly in regards with data reconciliation and can speak about the tools we used. In this case we had to reassemble budget since they form listing in a way that presents debt separately from the rest of the budget.

Visualizing Slovenian coalition agreement | Jure Cuhalev

It was why he wanted measures to deal kkoalicijska chronic surplus countries in the international monetary plan he developed during World War II. But the Eurozone did not simply follow the gold standard; it also followed Bretton Woods. Keynes, one of the key negotiators, had come to realise the pernicious influence of the gold standard as it operated in the interwar years.

Sixty-plus years later, we seem to have forgotten his point.

Actions by surplus countries, and not just their deficit counterparts, have systemic implications. But what are their options, if they want to choose based on commute time?