The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental . Eric Raymond is an Open Source evangelist and author of the highly explanation of the open-source paradigm of programming en masse, and the. Early audiences of this essay complimented me by suggesting that I am prone to undervalue design . Cover of “La catedral y el bazar – Eric Raymond”. A picture of Eric S Raymond I’m Eric S. Raymond, aka “ESR”. I wrote some of the I’d replace the userspace drive on my PC with an SSD.

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Carl von Clausewitz The Cathedral and the Bazaar: The Jargon File, Version 4. My “itch” had already been the topic of mental health in hacker and activist communities for quite some time – but with the death of Aaron Swartz in Jan. I think we’re looking at the end stage of a successful technology disruption on the classic pattern. Fare Rideau has developed some criticized this paper.

The Rules of Simplicity, Clarity, and Transparency get violated wholesale, and the result is code full of obscure bugs and continuing maintenance problems.

Frases de Eric S. Raymond (22 citas) | Frases de famosos

Initial reaction to the move on Wall Street and elsewhere has been cautiously positive. Translations Jesper Laisen is working on a Danish translation of this paper.

My sides hurt after reading eirc. Raymond Homesteading the Noosphere. Netscape Embraces the Bazaar. Michael Truscello’s The Architecture of Information: Alternative terms for free software Comparison of open-source and closed-source software Comparison of source code hosting facilities Free software Free software project directories Gratis versus libre Long-term support Open-source software Open-source software development Outline.


To see our most recent version please use the source url parameter, linked below. The Revenge of the Hackers In this essay, I continue the historical narrative into current events. I have written an essay of fame, ego, and oversimplification to counter some misinterpretations of HtN.

Those of the middle kingdon: This doesn’t surprise me. It includes some explosion of common myths about xe production economics, a game-theoretical account of why open-source cooperation is stable, and a taxonomy of open-source business models.

Raymond’s clear and effective writing style accurately describing the benefits of open source software has been key to its success.


It becomes too difficult to see down through them and mentally model what the code is actually doing. Book from Project Gutenberg: Raymond Scientific essays Linus Torvalds. The next year should be a very instructive and interesting time.

It’s a triumph of style over substance, cool over utility, form over actual function. Raymond How to Become a Hacker. Too many layers destroy transparency: Analizo un exitoso proyecto de software libre fetchmailque fue realizado para erric deliberadamente algunas sorprendentes ideas sobre la ingenieria ray,ond software sugeridas por la historia de Linux. This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast. Great ones know what to rewrite and reuse.


Linux secrets as revealed by the Linux Documentation Project. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There is an Italian translation. Frases de Eric S. Randy Boring has replied.

We designed Netscape’s source-release strategy and license together.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar – Wikipedia

In Nikolai Bezroukov published two cited critical essays on Eric Raymond’s views on open source software, the second one called “A second look at The Cathedral and the Bazaar “. I prefer trackballs over mice and use a Logitech TrackMan. Nokia gives it up for Microsoft] in Armed and Dangerous 3 September In this paper, I examine in detail the property and ownership customs of the open-source culture.

I made extensive revisions and additions for the first edition of the book The Cathedral and the Bazaarand expect to continue adding and revising in future editions. Yes, it does have property customs — and rather elaborate ones too, which reveal an underlying gift culture in which hackers compete amicably for peer repute.

Linux in the Shell Source: I found ESR to be especially fascinating on this panel, with By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.