Explorien Starship Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: Explorien Explorien Nova Hunter Ann Theme: Space Exploriens Explorien Starship is an Exploriens set released in LEGO → System → Space → Exploriens. Largest set from the LEGO Space Exploriens series now out of manufacture! Includes FOUR Exploriens minifigures, including a rare droid figure! Contains Download official LEGO® building instructions online for , EXPLORER’S SPACE SHIP, LEGO Space and get building fast!.

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The rest of the build adds on to the back end. The bridge walls are so open that the area looks unfinished.

LEGO Space Explorien Starship () | eBay

It is where the left side of the cockpit connects to the work area. I say almost, because that 2 x 2 area directly behind where a pilot legi sit remains open, even in the finished set. One more minifig would have done nicely.

Workstation Interior The other humans get to man the workstations during flight. The magnet seems useless with such a limited range of motion and the transparent disks are also in a tight spot. Here it is, in action.

Lego Space Exploriens Starship (6982)

Explorien Vienna Wed Jan 09, The original model lasted 2 days before I broke it down and built a fully enclosed man ship. And like the dishes on this set, the magnet arm works in much the same way. This is the other weak point in the model. Minifig Backs This picture shows those classic space air tanks in wonderful black.


LEGO Space Explorien Starship (6982)

I found the set had excellent playability, and the front of pego ship always reminded me of the enterprise from Star Trek Voyager. Front View The front view shows the arms in the down position. In this view, you can see the pin that holds the Mini-rover to the back of the Explorien Starship.

Paris Sun Jan 06, Sydney Thu Jan 10, But they do add a little bit to the set. When I was looking at all of the new sets I saw this one and was totally amazed at the 69982 of this set.

This picture shows the Mini-rover, just hanging out back there. London Tue Dec 25, Large laser; plenty of pieces; wings fold down Cons: The assembly is hinged, so it can rotate from the wing in toward the hull.

Close up and for playing with It doesn’t work very well.

Amazon Back to Store List. I’m divided over it; on the one hand, I like the colour scheme and the exotic shapes and pieces, but on the other hand, I think the ships are way too busy and uncoordinated. Lego parts lot Leg Star Ship 2 wing parts.

Review: – Explorien Starship – LEGO Sci-Fi – Eurobricks Forums

Vintage Personaggi Uomo Droid London Oego Jan 10, The weight is well distributed here, as well. Unfortunately, if you put the minifigs in the cockpit and at the workstations, this area is left empty Ann is usually left in the Mini-rover, especially during flight. I had always lusted after the Explorien Starship, but the price tag was just too high. This photo shows the starship just three steps in. This photo is taken just after the first of the robotic arms is attached.


This page shows part of the construction of the neck that connects the crew compartment to the wing section. Printed Parts The printed parts are a mixed bag.

And finally we get to see the wings and cockpit unlocked. You need to be a member in order to leave a elgo. It has nothing to do with whether you build on a table or not. Top View Not only is the set long, it also has quite the impressive wingspan.

Three-Quarter View And here we have the completed Mini-rover. Sydney Sun Jan 06, Get used to repairing this area, too. 69822 review Walter Kovacs! This only gets an above average from me becasue back inLEGO knew the value of a dollar but still this is overpriced for the pieces and lack of figs.