LEGO set database: Multi Model Control Set. Find great deals for Lego Technic Muiti Control Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Now this is what a universal set should be. Set was released in and contained quite a lot of firsts. There are 4 models, all of which are quite unique.

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This has a worm gear on only one side as is not connected to anything else. This crown drives an axle which runs the full span of the wing into a crown gear at either end.

It may look like the animation is bouncing, but I’m sure that is a result of the massive turbulence spawned by the props rather than due to any incompetence leg the part of the animator. The model drives forward and backward, turns left and right, and raises and lowers the forks.

One is on each axle, and one planet gear in the middle allows the axles to turn at different rates.

Instructions For LEGO 8082 Universal Set with two motors

The animation really does not do this justice, but it gives you the general idea. EUR 7,77 0 Gebote. Vienna Fri Jan 11, Flailing and other functions.


Amazon Back to Store List. Motorized Drive The rear axle is driven by a 9V motor through a belt and pulleys.

Lego Technic Muiti Control Set | eBay

Click for an animation of the feedback loop in motion. Subsequent to the belt is a set of 8 and 24 tooth spur gears. The second computer image shows the long black axle which connects to this crank, producing an oscillating motion. A micro motor drives an axle through a belt and a pair of pulleys. When the drive system is translated all the way into the aft position, the upper driven worm gear drives the 24 tooth crown in the computer image.


This pole reverser controls power to the red micro 80822. In the other image you can see the “indicator” which shows the operator which gear they are in. The steering mechanism itself uses control arms and toothed links. At this point the functions split in to parallel paths, so I’ll stick with the path to the drive wheels. The fork mechanism is a 4-bar linkage which remains parallel to the ground.

EUR 2,00 1 Gebot. Paris Thu Jan 03, London Thu Jan 03, The battery box is housed within the fuselage. The final gear ratio between the motor and the rear wheels is about When both driven worm gears mate with these, the entire vehicle moves forward or backward. Because there are two stages of worm gearing in series, this lift has a massive gear reduction of about The use of a belt allows the steering to contact its stop without stalling the motor.


Paris Sat Jan 19, The micro motor is attached to another pole reverser and serves only the reverse the main motor. As a secondary effect, this means that the props turn slightly as the nacelles pivot. All of this is accomplished with one main drive motor.

Lego Technic Anleitung, leo This skid steer forklift is a marvel of mechanical engineering. The orange axle then turns the center of the first pole reverser. Each engine has a faux turbine engine at the rear which does not actually move. Berlin Tue Jan 01, Berlin Fri Jan 04, Click for an animation of the function shifter in motion. Berlin Sat Jan 05,