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On the changes of the alveolar walls of rats in the hypoxic state.

The essentials of forensic medicine. Chironomidae as indicators of postmortem submersion interval leiones carcasses in a Wooland Strem: Emerg Med Clin N Am ; 7: No han podido comprobar estos hallazgos en sujetos ahogados en agua salada.

A Medicina Legal – CALAMEO Downloader

Circumstances and macropathologic findings in consecutive cases of bodies found in water. The potential use of algal growth in establishing a postmortem submersion interval PMSI. Near-drowning in Canadian waters. New Eng J Med ; Arch Criminol ; Submersion and asphyxial injury. Severe hypernatremia from sea water ingestion during near-drowning in a Hurricane.


Emerg Med Clin N Am ; When is it useful? Recommended guidelines for uniform reporting of data from drowning: Possible postmortem serum markers for differentiation between fresh, saltwater drowning and acute cardiac death: Identification of death by drowning by the disorganization methods diatom methods.

Acta Cirur Bras ; Preventing deaths by drowning in children in the United Kingdom: Tex Rep Biol Med ; 9: Clinical Science ; A report of 32 patients. Pig decomposition in lotic aquatic systems: Blood strontium levels in different causes of death.

Sci Total Environ ; Zangani et al [49] sistematizan lo anterior en las siguientes fases: Siguiendo su propio esquema, distinguiremos entre: Population based incidence study. Datos disponibles de la OMS vienen a poner de manifiesto unas tasas de mortalidad de 6.

Bodies found in the waterways of New York City.

Medico-Legal and criminological Review ; Injury Prevention ; 6: Drowning in childhood and adolescence: B Falsos resultados negativos: Postmortem stability of lung surfactant phospholipids. In this paper, a critical review and update of deaths by drowning is presented, taking into account the recent knowledge on the physiopathological alterations induced by these pictures, with special interest to the cases of bodies recovered of the water with “dry lungs “.


Med Sci Law ; 20; Suicidal drowning in South Florida. A semiquantitative study in forensic autopsies. Vjschr Gerichtl Med ; Brit J Anesth ; Biventricular measurement of blood strontium in real cases of drowning.

Fact sheet on drowning. Electrolyte analysis in pleural effusion as an indicator of the drowning medium.

Lesionología o Traumatología

Delmonte C, Capelozzi VL. Zur ultrastrukturpathologie des Alveolarapparates beim experimentellen Ertrinken. Fresh water and sea water drowning: