LEY 22285 PDF

LEY 22285 PDF

The appellant alleged that Article 45 of the Broadcasting Law (Ley de .. Por lo que el párrafo primero del Art. 45 de la ley y las normas dictadas en su. , Spanish, Book edition: Radiodifusión: marco regulatorio: Ley nacional de radiodifusión 22,, Decreto reglamentario /81 / [Claudio] Schifer. (Law of , InfoLEG, available at (Gustavo Ybarra, El kirchnerismo logró aprobar en general la nueva ley de medios, DIARIO LA.

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Depending on the country, the characteristics of cadenas nacionales vary. The information requested by the Representative included the following: Such a provision cannot be arbitrary in its absolute exclusion of certain associations, preventing its members from applying for a broadcasting license for the only reason that they are not constituted as a commercial corporation regulated by the law, and without this exclusion being based on an objective and reasonable criteria, because this ultimately amounts to an unreasonable limitation of the right to freedom of expression and of the right to freedom of association.

A new law, effective as of August 8,requires television and radio broadcasters to transmit two presidential speeches a year, produced by the state media Radio Illimani and Bolivia TV. On October 16, the Mercurio of Santiagopublished the information that in the “Sergio Aguirre” hall, owned by the Representative Arts Department of the University of Chile, there was to be an exhibition, starting on October 17, of the work “Prat”, by Manuela Infante.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

The Organic Communication Law’s article 74 replaced it, retaining the requirements for broadcasters and extending them to pay television services, which must suspend their own program transmissions to carry cadenas.

Fifth, the superior status of the right to freedom of expression in relation to the other rights will be maintained as long as a the information derived from it is “useful” to a democratic society, and b there is an objective ground which leads the informer to believe that the information is true, even when it is later found to be false.

On February 20,the accusation brought by Mr. Por favor, activar JavaScript para ver este sitio de web.

Many of those standards have been included in the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression. The first law permitting cadenas nacionales in Ecuador was passed in during the regime of Gen. The alleged violation was founded on the provision of Article 19 No.


In each of the lej, the relevant principle is quoted from the Declaration, followed 222855 a short summary of the facts of the case, and extracts from the decision of the domestic court.

Sixth and last, and summarizing the foregoing conclusions, if an informer has legitimately exercised his right to freedom of expression, the conclusion that a violation to the right to the protection of honor has been committed cannot be validly reached. The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression has pursued the aim of furthering comparative law studies as a way of contributing to the flow of information between the member States regarding the international standards which govern the right to freedom of expression, in the hope that it will lead to a deeper understanding and establishment of the right to freedom of expression in the Americas.

According to these provisions, only the applicants for a legal concession to provide a station of sound broadcasting with frequency modulation who are a “physical person or commercial corporation which is legally constituted” are eligible for such concession, excluding therefore civil corporations, cooperatives, and mutual associations.

Cadena nacional – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: This section highlights some court decisions that have expressly or implicitly taken account of international standards protecting freedom of expression. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Case of April 16, In Januarythe ceremony 2285 mark the start of the new president’s term was carried as a cadena nacional and ran five hours.

222885 several Latin American countries, a cadena nacional “national network”, also referred to as a 222285 oficial or red voluntaria is a joint broadcast, over various media usually radio and televisiondirected at the general population of a state. Massera and Albano Harguindeguy.

In other words, this section is not a critique of judicial decisions, but rather an attempt to show that in many cases those standards are indeed considered. There is no specific law on cadenas ; the government must buy airtime from the broadcasters, and carriage of such national events is voluntary by law. In conclusion, leg in light of the foregoing, the right to the protection of the honor of the plaintiff has not been violated, as we understand that the journalist, Mr.

The standards referred to have been further developed by the jurisprudence of both the Commission and the Court.

After the preliminary hearings were held, the issue was left to be decided by the Court of First Instance of Montevideo. By using theoretical tools from Argumentative Discourse Analysis, we intend to evidence the discursive strategies displayed 2225 the text in order to become a legitimate speaker, given its lack of the necessary pre-discursive ethos.

How to cite this article. Article 45 of Law No. This right includes freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing, in print, in the form of art, or through any other medium of one’s choice.


Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual Ley by Lh Hu on Prezi

Restrictions to the free circulation of ideas and opinions, as well as the arbitrary imposition of information and the imposition of obstacles to the free flow of information violate the right to freedom of expression”. Most of this key is used to run official advertising, managed by SEGOB, and during electoral campaigns election advertising, managed by the National Electoral Institute. Thirdly, that the protection offered by this right must not only be regarded as pertaining to favorable ideas, but also, most importantly, to those that might be offensive, disturbing, exaggerated, prone to incite strong reactions, or shocking, because such are the demands of pluralism and mental openness without which a democratic society cannot exist.

Fourthly, that while this right does not protect libel or other defamation offenses, 222285 falsity, lies or mistakes when they are a consequence of a careless disregard for the truth, it does protect the press when the information portrayed refers to public matters or public officials, even if the news contains inexact information, as long as its author believes the information to be true and had, in good faith and without malice, aimed at disclosing information lsy public interest.

In its Annual Report, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights noted that “the Inter-American Court of Human Rights “the Court” has stated that because freedom of expression and thought plays a crucial and central role in public debate, the American Convention places an “extremely high value” on this right and reduces to a minimum any restrictions on it.

Court of Appeals of Santiago de Chile.

Cadena nacional

It was enacted within a context of military dictatorship and was signed by Jorge R. The selection has been somewhat arbitrary, both for reasons of space and for lack of sufficient information.

Sergio Israel Dubinsky, has legitimately exercised his right to inform. The constitutional provision is in perfect agreement with international human rights norms which guarantee the right to freedom of expression. Criminal defamation and public officials.