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Takes some concentration to understand it all and follow the metaphors he carries through several chapters, but I really did enjoy it.

Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | paintings | Pinterest | Kandinsky art, Kandinsky and Art

What are works of art, if not a genuine internal cry artists? View all 4 comments. I was not aware of the intrinsic relation between form and color. A pioneering work in the movement to free art from its traditional bonds to material reality, this book is one of the most important documents in the history of modern art. Maybe Kandinsky was a precog.

Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte

Mar 03, Roy Lotz rated it liked it Shelves: I will just retain the “language of form and color. Sadler’s remarks on Cezanne are a pointer in this direction. I most enjoyed his breakdown of color theory, setting antitheses of white and black obviyellow and blue, orange and purple, and green and red.

A secret protected on par with gypsy divination and Shamrock shakes.

Theory is the lamp which sheds light on the petrified ideas of yesterday and of the more distant past. Written by the nwll nonobjective painter Wassily Kandinsky —it explains Kandinsky’s own theory of painting and crystallizes the ideas that were influencing many other modern artists of the A pioneering work in the movement to free art from its traditional bonds to material reality, this kandinsyk is one of the most important documents in the history of modern art.


Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte | The Charnel-House

The whole triangle is moving slowly, almost invisibly forwards and upwards. Jun 08, P. Does anyone know which painting of Kandinsky is the one given on the cover of the Dover edition?

It “must learn from music that every harmony and every discord which springs from the inner spirit is beautiful, but that it is essential that they spring from the inner spirit and from that alone. There he taught at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture from until the Nazis closed it in He painted the ‘treeness’ of the tree In any case, he makes a clear, personal case against the popular “art pour l’art”, not because he has an especial dislike of it, but because he imagines a greater, more satisfying art to come.

Oct 09, Ellis rated it really liked it. Th This is a fantastic book. He effectively evokes the spiritual response to color through metaphor. Spiritual Revolution was a popular theme throughout the century. I will just retain the “languag I was not aware of the intrinsic relation between form and color. The more an artist uses these abstracted forms, the deeper and more confidently will he advance into the kingdom of the abstract.

Sadler, offers additional explanation of Kandinsky’s art and theories, while kanxinsky new Preface by Richard Stratton discusses Kandinsky’s career as a whole and the impact of the book.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t also go into simple composition and form versus complex. Prefiero quedarme con los cuadros de Kandinsky! The first time I saw a painting by Kandinsky was in the Guggenheim Museum.


Making the book even more valuable are nine woodcuts by Kandinsky himself that appear at the chapter headings. There are even diagrams. Angrily they abuse him as charlatan or madman. But in everything he did he showed the architectural mind of the true Frenchman. To deprive oneself of this possibility is to limit one’s powers of expression. Ultimately, “If the artist be priest of beauty”, then she has “a triple responsibility to the non-artist: Triangles, circles, squares; reds, yellows, blues—all these were like characters for Kandinsky, with their own personalities and temperaments.

This is a fantastic book. The way he was able to select forms reminiscent of, but not dependent on, real-life objects delighted my eye. Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky. The former can stand on their own, but the latter are meaningless without boundaries and contrasting shades. I mean he sets forth to launch a theory of color analogized to harmonics, but what really comes through is an abiding disdain for yellow, coupled with a love letter to blue What saves this book is superlative phrase-turning and humor, intended or otherwise.

The art world’s Verne!

Much of the book is spent on drawing parallels between music and kandlnsky In music this is done through rhythm and melody; in painting through color and form.