, English, German, Book edition: Lohengrin: the libretto / Richard The Swan knight in Wagner’s Lohengrin: myth, history and symbolism /​ Malcolm Fox. Lohengrin, WWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard . 3 flutes (3rd doubles piccolo), 3 oboes, english horn, 3 clarinets in B- flat, A and C, bass clarinet in B-flat and A, .. Wagner’s libretto (in German) · Further Lohengrin discography · Recording of “Euch Lüften” by Lotte Lehmann in MP3. Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback). Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART.

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Lohengrin (opera) – Wikipedia

Elsa … Elsa – why are you trembling? You are beguiled by the cunning librftto magic! If you do not dare ask him, we will all rightsully belive that you yourself are torn with worry, that his innocence is not louengrin it seems! Wie soil ich Aermste glauben, Dir g’niige meine Treu’? I could break her lover’s fraud and retrieve my reputation! Right is on my side! Nicht eh’r soil bergen mich der Schild, Bis ich gerichtet strong uud mild!

Wer ist er, der an’s Land geschwommen, Gef uhrt von einem wilden Schwan?

Elsa slowly sinks lifeless to the ground in Godfrey’s arms. Thanks, oh, gracious Lord!

Heil deiner Art, Schiitzer der Frommen! Let the sound of revelry lohengrih shut out and your heart’s bliss be attained! As thou wilt guard my name and hind, Thus will I cherish thy command.


Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback)

Was not the judgment clear? Was muss ich sehen? In der Burg von Antwerpen Dritter Aufzung: Ortrud, led by Elsa, feigns hesitation as she enters the small door; the maids light the way and close the door once everybody is inside. Lohengrin quickly jumps into lohengri boat and is immediately drawn away by the dove, who has taken hold of the chain. Chide me if I disobeyed you! Now let us go before God! We will, as faithful vassals, serve our King.

From his raised seat the king can see everything; Friedrich and Ortrud are overcome with shock and astonishment; Elsa, who has been listening to the men’s cries with increasing rapture, remains in the middle of the stage; she dares not even look round MEN return to the foreground in a state of great agitation A miracle!

The Grail will be wroth if I stay longer!

Ich schenk’es dip, mog’st du der Reu’ esweih’n! We faithfully believe that your name is noble, even if it is never uttered! Is it a spell which binds me?

To thee my heart and homage true belong. Ortrud, who has hitherto maintained a cold and arrogant posture, is gripped with terror when she sees the swan. Wie tont aua englisu Mund furchtbar der Name! Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. They move forward, making a broad passage through the nobles, who readily yield, to the steps of the cathedral where they take up their positions. The virtuous Elsa approaches! Recent Publications of Music and Books.

Great be thy power, glorious thy name, Great be thy fame! Music based on Arthurian legends. Elsa, thou royal maid, appear!


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The new troops gather round their standards; the Counts and nobles greet each other, examine and admire their weapons, etc. Hail to him who was sent by God! O woman, whom I see before me in the night, if you are deceiving me again, woe betide you! In dir mus ich vergehen, Vor dir schwind’ ich dabinl Soil ich mich selig sehen, Nimm alles engliwh ich bin! The two women go into the castle. Here the first act prelude is based on the motif of the Holy Grail, followed, as the work goes on, by some 36 more significant motifs.

How can she be persuaded? Praise be to your coming! Array Elsa, my sweet bride, to be led before the King. Here you shall never triumph! Vernahmest du kein Kommen?

Ah, one who knew how to oppose him would find him weaker than a child! Imagine, O King, my grim sorrow, when I was robbed of this my honour’s jewel! The four royal trumpeters. I have right on my side! Lustwandelnd fiihrte Elsa den Knaben einst Zum Wald, doch ohne ihn kehrte sie zuriick; Mit falscher Sorge frug sie nach dem Bruder, Da sie, von ohngefahr von ihm verirrt, Bald seine Spur so sprach sie nicht mehr fand.

How could that happen?