LOST IN THE FUNHOUSEby John Barth, John Barth is no doubt best known as a novelist, but his one collection of short stories, Lost in the Funhouse. John Barth’s titular short story, ‘Lost in the Funhouse’, from his subversive short- story collection Lost in the Funhouse, is an overt example of the theories. Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth. BACKGROUND. John Barth is best known for his wit and clever use of language. He wrote short stories like “Lost in the.

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It funhosue not last forever. Donald Barthelme The Balloon: Unfortunately for this reader, all too many of the stories served more to obstruct me from my final goal, completion of the book and moving along to my next book forget reading for enjoyment. Such are the mysteries of history and the mistakes that a cultures makes.

Lost in the Funhouse

Reading this collection made me mad at my undergraduate profs from SF State U from the early ’80s who never bothered to teach me that Postmodern Literature Well, the postmodern novel not only existed in America but was born in America.

Apr 24, Edward rated it jhon was ok Shelves: This territory has been explored with twice the panache by Gil Sorrentino.

On author-recommended book that turned out to be a real disappointment. Though I got what he was trying to do in many of the stories, which is call attention im the actual process of writing in addition to the writing of a story, I found myself unable to care at all.


Stories which are about writing stories in which nothing happens ex I’ve discovered I prefer my postmodernism in light doses, enriching rather than supplanting the traditional parts of literature, like plot and character. After that, Barth “heads up his ass” so far the going gets rough to the point of unreadable.

Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth

Or, perhaps, I just don’t remember, or perhaps I am dreaming I lived a life where I didn’t meet Barth. View all 8 comments. Apr 05, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: He is at that awkward, thirteen-year-old time in his life.

The main dude of the story. Was a John Barth pocketbook, perhaps, not good enough for the girls with big hair?

It says so much about our expectations of literature, and the relationship between the writer and reader! He’s a character whose awareness of his own fictionality has unmoored funhokse from his docking.

His own head is also in the way of ever directly seeing the image in the mirror behind him. Everything about Barth has already been transmitted, written about, alluded to, sketched on the soft walls of a thousand reflective uteruses by a million different swimming swimmers prior to drowning.

I have nothing left to add. Lost in the Funhouse was my true gateway drug into the vein of postmodernism. Alissa Nutting see my review The Entertainment District: I could cross-reference other people’s reviews, make a nod to how Aidan or Darwin8U the only of my friends who have reviewed joyn book did or express surprise that Paul liked it, but that wouldn’t have the effect I’m going for here, because again, nobody would funhuose surprised by that.


I’ll have to try out his novels, which I’m sure are a little more focused. Very early on in the funhouxe, the narration is interrupted, the author shattering what appears to be realism in order to convey to the reader the process of writing and the literary and linguistic conventions that are associated with such a text.

During the car ride, they play games. You’ve pretty much guaranteed that only English majors will ghe to read this book of course, it’s hard to imagine your average James Barht fan enjoying John Barth [Wait a minute there, aren’t you supposed to be some sort of postmodernist?

Closer “Anonymiad” is the only one with any kind of story-form equilibrium. Barth has said he has written his books in pairs: I rated it three stars as I can see the writer has a level of talent, but it failed to interest me.

Lost in the Funhouse – Wikipedia

It also is the story we are reading and with which the narrator is struggling, constantly getting bogged down or lost, introducing events out of sequence, jumping ahead to the fun house before the family even reaches the park, offering more than one ending, and funhoue on.

Ambrose is very nervous because he likes Magda. The story arc was disjointed and author often left gaping chasms in the plot.