No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority [Lysander Spooner] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. But whether the Constitution really be . No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority. December 9, Lysander Spooner. The greatest case for anarchist political philosophy ever written. Narrated by. Treason by Lysander Spooner · No. 1.→ Spooner issued three pamphlets carrying the title of No Treason, numbered 1, II, and VI. Spooner.

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Jan 02, Zach Boyle rated it it was amazing. It is a true one now. But the slave-holders, either doubting the fidelity of their Northern allies, or feeling themselves strong enough to keep their slaves in subjection without Northern assistance, would no longer pay the price which these Northern men demanded.

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And yet it is clearly impossible that any one can be personally guilty of treason, can be a traitor in fact, unless he, as an individual, has in some way voluntarily pledged his faith and fidelity to the government. Consequently, so far as voting is concerned, the other five-sixths can have given no pledge that they will support the Lysanded.

The third part is sure to interest any libertarian and be a very rteason provoking idea to anyone unfamiliar with the idea “taxation is theft”. Lysander Spooner was a 19th century entreprenuer, scholar, radical abolitionist, and principled believer in natural law and liberty.

Return to Book Page. He was lysanver January 19,on his father’s farm near Athol, Massachusetts, the second child and second son in a family of six sons and three daughters.

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Would we accept a slave owner who said that a majority of his slaves consent to work for him, so he does not need the consent of all of them? Just like many Americans were not fond of the British Crown, many newly established Americans did not agree with the doctrine of the newly formed American government. They are given apooner nobody; but only to the winds.

But that is certainly not enough to prove that the oaths are of any obligation. I have to disagree, however. Or, if we lend this sum to the emperor of Austria, it will enable him to murder so many of his people as to strike terror into the rest, and thus enable him to keep them in subjection, and extort money from them, for twenty or fifty years to come.


A tacit understanding between A, B, and C, that they will, by ballot, depute D as their agent, apooner deprive me of my property, liberty, or life, cannot at all authorize D to do so. But owing to the property qualifications required, it is probable that, during the first twenty or thirty years under the Constitution, not more than one-tenth, fifteenth, or perhaps twentieth of the whole population black and white, men, women, and minors were permitted to vote.

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority: Lysander Spooner: : Books

Neither the Union or the Confederacy agreed with this sentiment. As most of us don’t agree with everything our government does, why should we be financially supporting it through forced taxation?

Therefore, in law and reason, there was no such corporation. In short, he finds himself, without his consent, so situated that, if he use the ballot, he may become master; if he does not use it, he must become a slave. In the years prior to writing No TreasonLysander Spooner had already expressed his disapproval of slavery in his essay The “Unconstitutionality of Slavery”, considered a “comprehensive, liberitarian theory of constitutional interpretation” [3] by many abolitionists of his time.

These — and not any lysandre of liberty or justice — were the lysaander on which the money for the war was lent by the North. The two are identical; the one necessarily implying the other. You promised me that you would do so; and now you have forfeited the oath you gave to me. It is also generally understood that all male persons, born in the country, having certain complexions, and in some localities certain amounts of property, and in certain cases even persons of foreign birth, are permitted to be members.

Majorities, as such, afford no guarantees for justice.

No Treason

And if he makes war upon it, he does so as an open enemy, and not as a traitor that is, as a betrayer, or treacherous friend”. Neither in contests with the ballot — which is a mere substitute for a bullet — because, as his only chance of self-preservation, a man uses a ballot, is it to be inferred that the contest is one into which he voluntarily entered; that he voluntarily set up all his own natural rights, as a stake against those of others, to be lost or won by the mere power of numbers.


Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Now, what is true in Europe, is substantially true in this country. He fails to see that most masses DO consent to being “robbed and murdered”, by taking part in voting, patriotism, war games and other distractions, quite willingly. The whole authority of the Constitution rests upon it. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. But with so-called civilized peoples, among whom knowledge, wealth, and the means of acting in concert, have become diffused; and who have invented such weapons and other means of defense as to render mere physical strength of less importance; and by whom soldiers in any requisite number, and other instrumentalities of war in any requisite amount, can always be had for money, the question of war, and consequently the question of power, is little else than a mere question of money.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Spooner answered that community service and other social action could be realized voluntarily. What makes them slaves is the fact that they now are, and are always hereafter to be, in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute and irresponsible.

They do nothing towards proving that the governments themselves are legitimate; or that they ought to be sustained, lysandef even endured, by those who understand their true character.

Consequently, so far as voting was concerned, not more than one-tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth of those then existing, could have incurred any obligation to support the Constitution. We required you to swear that, as our attorney, you would support the Constitution.

I think to really understand debt and banking you should check out Ken O’Keefe for a modern take on it.