FOR ZEROING AT 25 METERS, ROTATE THE REAR SIGHT ELEVATION KNOB TO THE METER (6/3) SETTING. (DO NOT USE THE “Z” MARK ON THE. DOD-M4 25 Meter Zeroing Target M-4 Carbine Official Military Target /4″ X 11″ Tag Target Paper Box of M4 Carbine. M16A4. M16A2. For every yards of range from the target, one (1 ) click will move the strike of the bullet on the target approximately: OBJECTIVE.

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Kevin O’Day on December 15, See if you can hit what you’re aiming at!

Home Safety Targets Contact. M4 Carbine – 25 Meter Zeroing Target. What if your department requires zeroing at yards?

Will this sight be capable of doing so? The extra click is definitely for mechanical zero. Adjust the sights to move the shot group center as close as possible to the white dot in the center of the target. Iron sight buis pm nsn These instructions are for iron sights only as the point of impact POI for optical sights will vary. At 25m the round has not yet moved the through trajectory to strike the target center mass of m, so you account for it with the rear sight adjustment and that’s why you have to atrget it back at completion.

MATECH Backup Iron Sight (BUIS) Mounting and Zero Instructions – NOBLECO TACTICAL

That seems to be a bit small for a 25 meter target. Zero target data for the M4 Carbine: Pancho on January 12, I think there might be an error in the first, and third step of your instructions. Anyway, while I can get my hands on the Army zero sheets I wanted to see what was available on line. I’m late on answering this. Instead set your rear sight to the horizontal line under the m setting on your BUIS.


M4 Carbine – 25 Meter Zeroing Target

This target is the real deal! Use the meter zero target for the M4 Carbine and center your rounds by adjusting the weapon front sight post and the BUIS windage adjustment knob. When standard zeroing procedures are followed, a properly zeroed weapon for one person is close to the zero for another person for that specific rifle.

Make sure the BUIS is flat on the receiver rail with the angled edge under the upper receiver rail. The sight radius on an M16A2 is When using the meter mark too tqrget at 25 meters will the sights be on target at meters? This target is also commonly used to zero AR pattern rifles. To zero M16A4 Rifle, turn the knob until the line on the sight cam on the left side is aligned with the white line between the and marks. Started up to date web throw best free apps for tablet download game android mobogenie download targdt 5 for android app downloader free android wallpapers themes free download http: Could not find this target anywhere in San Angelo, Texas.

I can’t believe this is available! Zeroed hundreds of weapons. I think the “one click past” is considered the mechanical zero? This mark is a half notch location, so it’s more difficult to align. Site Search Categories All.


Should i print it on 8×11, 8×14 or 11×17? It is funny though because Army and Marine vary slightly. What do you think? Hi fashionable work http: I learned in the military that at m The flight path of the round will drop to the same point of aim as at 25m zero.

Or, is the real target a different size? Tqrget BUIS must be mounted in the rearmost slot on the upper receiver for the range adjustments and the zeroing procedures to be correct. Is that the actual size??

Flipper on August 16, I’m late on answering this.

Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved. What is the optimal targte between front and back sight? M16A2 and M4 meter zero target. Even at the gun stores where they sell AR15 and M4 weapons.

The front sight post should be flush. Sarge40 on August 25, Excellent target. This target sheet was pretty much spot on This sheet was pretty accurate.

Sarge 40 on K4 25, We use this target to train new recruits on sighting AR platform patrol rifles. I think there might be an error in the first, and third step of your instructions. The Recoil Screw has a locking patch on the threads so it must be replaced if removed.

It’s usually differences in fundamentals applied among individual shooters that cause the variations in a zero for the same rifle. Do not over tighten.