Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws. 1. PRELIMINARY. 1. (a) Name of the Society: The name of the Society shall. Mar 13, Smart way to manage your Co-Operative Housing Society. Web based Apartment Home; Blog. Bye Laws for Housing Society in Maharashtra. Aug 19, Procedure To Recover Dues From Housing Society Maintenance Bill Defaulters. In current situtation running a society smoothly depends on.

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You can find some of the popular methods to calculate the maintenance fee for your apartment along with their advantages and disadvantages below:. Education and Training fund of Rs. To arrive at the monthly maintenance fee https: Recovering the dues from members is complicated task as it also harm the personal relation maharashyra the committee members and defaulter members.

For financial advice online check bylawe OakParkFinancial. Registrar may ask for hearing with defaulter member and verify the records. There is also a non-refundable sinking fund which is charged by the society for major repairs. Beyond that, any increment in area is charged according to a unit decided by the apartment association. One time limit bylqws repairs and maintenance expenses management committee can decide is Rs. For More Details — Source Disclemair: Your email address will not be published.

Procedure for changing the address of the Society.

Bye Laws for Co-operative Housing Society in Maharashtra | SocietyRun

Security bond for holding cash from hoysing employee and officer and if paid up capital is less than 1. A rate is fixed for one square feet and then multiplied by the total square feet area of your flat in this method.

Education and training of Co-operative members, committee members, officers and employees —. Other Important bye law provisions auditor should know: The method involves splitting the charges into two with the first part including all the common expenses incurred on lifts, security staff salary, stationary, property taxes, conveyance, audit fees, meeting charges, common electricity etc.


Name of the Society. This means that if you have a larger home, you will end up paying more. Name of the Society b The society shall follow the procedure laid down under Section 15 of the Act and Rule 14 of the Rules for the change of its name. However, Rule 24 and Bye-law No. If defaulter member is still not paying out maharaxhtra dues even after receiving Demand notice, Sale officer can seize the moveable property and can hand them over to Secretary or Chairman of society for custody. This is perhaps the simplest of all bylawss where a fixed amount is charged on all apartments.

The second part includes the area based charges that are specific to the apartments such as water charge and electricity usage. In most modern complexes, that is not the case and the small apartment owners end up paying an unfair amount of maintenance.

Filing of Annual Mandatory Returns with the Registrar. Elections of management committee must be notified six months in advance and to be held under the supervision of the newly constituted State Co-operative Election Authority SCEA.

This also depends on the size of the apartment and the amount stays with the society until repairs are undertaken. Partially Equal Fee In this method, a particular amount of money is charged on the area up to a predetermined square feet value. Casual vacancy in management socity to be informed to Election Authority and co-option is not allowed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

After verifying and hearing if registrar find the appeal truthful he will issue recovery certificate to society. You bought an apartment and you moved in with bylaes family and household items. It is conventional to collect at least 0. Sociehy it aims to be fair on all parties, there is still a difference in opinion on which items should be charged as per apartment size.


Cash in Hand at the close of the day limit increased from Rs. Mandatory filing of Annual returns and auditors appointment should be insisted for.

Recent changes in Maharashtra CoOperative Society Act

Societty of the society. Cash expenses limit Rs. Every member is supposed to contribute to the sinking fund, which grows over the years. Equal Fee for All This is perhaps the simplest of all models where a fixed amount is charged on all apartments.

Ownership in the property individually or jointly with others is must and whose name does not stand first in the share certificate. The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Rules,made it mandatory for building owners and residents to conduct half — yearly fire safety audits and submit the report to the fire department.

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It works very well in apartment complexes with same sized flats. The popularity of this method comes from the fact that it is easier to calculate. Exhibition of Name Board. The condition for membership — Applicant to take 10 shares of Rs. In this method, a particular amount of money is charged on the area up to a predetermined square feet value.

Society Committee can follow below procedure to recover dues from defaulter society member: But have you given a thought about maintenance? In current situtation running a society smoothly depends on how much cash reserves the society has in its bank. Registration number and the registered address. However few socities are expcetion to this as default by members are keep on increasing, which make committee members work more deficult to manage.

Applicant to take 10 shares of Rs.