Mukhzan-ul-Asrar-o-Sultan-ul-Aurad By Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammed Sarwari Qadri. Makhzan Ul Asrar, the treasury of secrets being the first of the five poems By Shaik Nizami of Ganjah. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text · PDF. Title, Makhzan Ul Asrar, Or, the Treasury of Secrets: By Shaik Nizami, of Ganjah Society for the publication of oriental texts. N. Author, Nathaniel Bland.

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I n a well written way the author unfolds the in-depth meanings lu the words that are used in the teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ra. Jan 8, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. Mar 21, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini.

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His Poems contain extreme impressions of spiritual reality and facts of life rooted in human makhzn. At the end of this book, Abyat-e-Bahu is given in punjabi Original text. Ego and kakhzan effect have also been explained. Feb 5, by Dr. With sincere devotion and respect and by continuos reading an electricity of divine light is created in the heart of the reader, inculcating in him a spiritual revolution and attraction which gives rise to a strong yearning and affectionate longing for Allah the Beloved.

Mukhzan Ul Asrar O Sultan Ul Aurad By Faqir Noor Muhammad

Kitab ut Tawheed Topics: The different wsrar terms as commonly used in the Sarwari Qadri sufi order have been explained. I t is a collection of quotes and sayings of Hazrat Sultan Bahu r.

The types of spiritual recitations are also explained. Please delete Jeff Kaplan 0 Nov 25, 1: This book also explains the jalali and jamali forces that reside in a true saint. A detailed script about history of Sarwari Qadri Order, spiritual ranks of Faqr in detail. Click on the Book picture to open and read a PDF version. Hazrat Sultan Bahu r.


He is the leader amongst Punjabi Sufi Poets. I n this holy book the divine sight of Allah and tasawwuf has been explained. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Emphasis is stressed on a qadria saint to adopt a lifestyle which keeps him at bay from materialistic people. In this book, light has been thrown on the spiritual life of a devotee.

Nov 21, 9: Uploading multiple files Jeff Kaplan 1 Dec 17, 5: Feb 5, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori.

It also throws light on the experience of such a rapturous moment of the sight of Allah. Urdu Translation B ook size: The spiritual eminence of the Qadri order is explained. These books are books contributed by the community. T his book has been divided in seven parts. Mukhzan ul Asrar o sultan ul aurad faqir faqeer Noor Muhammad sarwari qadri sultan bahu. T his book contains information on the spiritual heart and the various dimensions of the spiritual world.

Mukhzan ul Asrar o sultan ul aurad faqir faqeer Noor Muhammad sarwari qadri sultan bahu Topic: Dec 17, 5: English Translation and Maohzan B ook size: The divine names of Allah, can completely merge the devotee with Allah in no time. Mar 26, by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri. Multilingual documents Jeff Kaplan 1 Dec 19, 7: It is a most Urgent need especially in the English language.

Makhzan-ul-Asrar ebooks by Meer Syed Ali Ghamgin | Rekhta

Much relevant information on the Qadri sufi order has been given in this book. Various other concepts regarding Faqr are also discussed.

Jan 11, by Muhammad Tariq Makhzzan. The Life of Muhammad PBUH become the greatest source for all humankind in encouraging all things be taken in this world in order to escape from hellfire in Hereafter and to get access to Paradise in Hereafter the very lasting long long life, foreever. Ben Shapiro Books Archive. The source makhzaan originality of each prose has been fully probed.


Jan 30, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini. The materialistic devil and mzkhzan are the main barriers in Asfar realization and a true saint asrr abandons all such worldly bonds. His works should be widely translated and distributed to make people aware of this great soul, so that his works Heal the hearts of man. T he author brings light to Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s personality, his writings and faqr. He has also penned down the key points of Faqr-e-Bahu ra and the summary of many of his books.

A clear cut difference between alim and arif has been explained. Through this book he can directly experience and assimilate spiritual energy from Hazrat Sultan bahu ra. This is a book which explains the spiritual eminence of the Qadria sufi order, it also discusses the immense spiritual significance of the great king of Sufism Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra.

I t contains some important poetic verses composed by the most revered Hazrat Sultan Bahu ra. The veil can be destroyed by uttering and comprehending the meaning of the holy Kalma-Tayyaba. Hwas continuously in such spiritual state.