Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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In the second Chain, the globes have all sunk one stage lower into matter, and D is on the emotional plane.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither by Charles W. Leadbeater

Among the islanders at this same time we find Sirius, and also Alcyone and Mizar; there do not seem to be any special relationships life is com- munal, and people live promiscuously ‘beyond those which are formed by personal attractions in any one life.

Poseidonis is no longer the mere fairy- tale told by superstitious Egyptian priests to a Greek philosopher; Minos of Crete is dug out of his ancient grave, a man and not a myth ; Babylon, once ancient, is shown as the modern successor of a series oeadbeater highly civilised cities, buried in stratum after stratum, glooming through the night of time.

The harvesting of this crop was considered to be very dangerous, and only very strong and skilful men took part in it. And there was a craving for more cohesion, evidently the result of the downward push of life into matter of greater density, the Will working in Nature for descent into denser levels.

When the tide of life flowed onwards into the fifth globe– of emotional matter– they remained in activity for but a short time, the emotional body being dwarfed until it became atrophied, and on the sixth globe the mental body became hardened and lost plasticity, leading to a curious truncated effect, by no means attractive– reminding one, indeed, oddly, of a man who had lost his legs from the knee downwards, and had his trousers whencw up over the stumps.

Early Aryan Civilisation and Empire.

Meanwhile we will consider globes A, B, and C. The student who will thoroughly master this diagram will find himself in possession of a plan into the compartments of which he can pack any number of details without, in the midst of their complexity, whemce sight of the general principles of aeonian evolution. Sadie marked it as to-read Jul 24, These pairs of globes in every Chain are ever closely allied, but the one is the rough sketch, the other the finished picture.

Seattle is currently reading it Aug 04, It is not generally accepted, nor indeed is it accepted to any large extent. Lord Cochrane Tenth Earl of Dundonald. This is not more difficult to follow than the technical terminology of every science, or than other cosmic descriptions, as in astronomy, and a little attention will easily enable the student to master it.

They are monkey-like creatures, much like those previously observed, but distinctly cleverer and with more imaginative, or, at least, imitative faculty, and they play at being human beings, as children play at whiither grown up.


The ledbeater work was done at Adyar in the summer of ; in the heat of the summer many of the students were away, and we shut ourselves up, so as to be uninterrupted, for five evenings every week; we observed, and said exactly what we saw, and two members, Mrs. The groups which were, hwither said, small in num- ber which left the Chain from globes A and B were, as we have seen, people who had shot on ahead in- tellectually, but who had been individualised in the fifth Round.

Man Whence How And Whither

Just a moment while we sign you wuence to your Goodreads account. The Angels seemed to take no particular interest in them, any more than we interest ourselves in the evolution of microbes within ourselves; now and then, however, some interest was shown in an animal, and its capacity to respond increased rapidly under such conditions. They are regarded whencw demons by the islanders, who nevertheless fight fiercely in self-defence. The islanders kill all whom they take prisoners, but do not, like the mainland savages, either torture them living, or eat them dead.

A constantly growing minority, however, of fairly intelligent people believe clairvoyance to be a fact, and regard it as a perfectly natural power, which will become universal in the course of evolution.

The savages are now flying in all directions, and Mars, feeling the fall of some creature against his back, staggers, and, recovering himself, turns. Such helpers belong to the class of Form-Angels– Wuither who live normally in the lower mental world.

This difference will come out on the Earth Chain at a more advanced stage of evo- lution, and the two sub-groups reach the Earth in the fourth Eound with an interval ofyears between them, apparently planned to bring them to birth together at a certain period, when their joint services would all be required ; so minute in its details is the Great Plan. Only in the first chain we noticed no failures dropping out of its evolution. The Spirit of a globe, when its life is over, takes a new incarnation, and, as it were, transfers the life with himself to the corresponding globe of the next Chain.

Proofs of its general accuracy obviously cannot be given, though from time to time discoveries may be made which confirm an occasional statement. Those who left passed into the Inter-Chain Nirvana, and were there sorted out into the classes they had attained, as late letters with an extra stamp are sorted into the heaps to which they belong.

Those that remained passed on to globes E, F, and G, some leaving each globe, when they had made all the progress of which they were capable; some Basket-works, higher-class Pitris and Arhats thus went away from each globe. The general public, so far as it reads the book, will regard it with blank incredulity ; some may think it an interesting fabrication ; others may find it dull.


Even at the present time a Deva, or Angel, may ensoul a whole country-side, and such action was very general then; the emotional and lower mental matter formed the bodies of these Angels, changing, intermingling; and incidentally permanent atoms of vegetables, minerals, and even animals, rooting themselves in such Angel-bodies, grew and evolved.

He may enter the splendid Angel Deva Evolution. Johano rated it it was amazing Apr 29, The cut-off branches writhed like snakes and coiled round the axe-wielders, contracting as they died; red sap, like blood, gushed out under the strokes of the axe, and the texture of the tree was fleshly; it was carnivorous, and during its growth, seized any animal that touched it, coiling its branches round it like an octopus, and sucking it dry.

They are the fulfilled promise of what we shall he, the glorious flowers on the plant on which we are the buds. He may enter on “the Spiritual Period” — a phrase including unknown meanings, among them probably that of “taking the Sambhogakaya vesture”.

The seven Schemes are shown in Diagram I, around the central sun, and at any one period of time only one of the rings in each Scheme will be active; each ring of each of these seven Schemes is composed of seven globes; these are not figured separately but form what we here have drawn as a ring, in order to save space. Their willingness to obey shaped for them a fairer future than that of the orange people, and we meet them again in Atlantis as priests of the White temples, gradually forming emotional bodies of a good type.

The higher classes live in the domed houses with- in this ring, built on a higher level, with a wide terrace in front, forming a ring right round like the road below; the domes are supported on short strong pillars, carved all over, the carving show- ing a fairly well-advanced civilisation.

In the time of the fourth human race on this globe D they became domesticated, act- ‘The official titles of the Heads the King and the Priest, the Ruler and the Teacher of a Root Race. Amplification and correction may be made in the future, for we have only given a few fragments of a huge history, and the task has boon a very heavy one.

He appeared, among other things, to be choosing out the Officials for the next Chain, those who, in the long course of evolution, would pass ahead of their fellows, and become Masters, Manus, Bodhisattvas, in the various Rounds and Races. Some of the advanced people know vaguely that some great changes are impending, but these changes, though far-reaching, are too slow to draw much attention; some co-operate, unconsciously but effectively, while thinking that they are carrying out great schemes of their own.