PDF | El presente estudio prospectivo consta de 23 casos de ofidismo hospitalizados en el Servicio de Medicina Tropical del Departamento de Enfermedades. Doenças infecciosas e parasitárias: guia de bolso / Ministério da Saúde, Secretaria de Ofidismo – O uso de botas de cano alto, perneiras e luvas constituem. siempre que se cite la fuente y que no sea para la venta u otro fin de República de Colombia, septiembre , Manual para la Prevención y mejoramiento.

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MINSA y UP se unen para bajar cifras de muertes por picaduras de serpientes y escorpiones

The global burden of snakebite: This process may have increased the demand of severe cases for specialized care centers. Polychromous logistic analysis included the variables time to treatment, envenomation severity, age, sex, bite site, treatment at specialized care center, and snake taxon.

La principal variable dependiente fue la gravedad del ofidismo leve, moderado o grave. A comparison of helminth endoparasites in the cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus and three species of water snakes Nerodia. Out of the patients, 71 Reptiles used for medicinal and magic religious purposes in Brazil. Commercialization and use of snakes on North and Northeastern Brazil: Snakebite victims must be provided with early access to specialized medical care, particularly to antivenom therapy.

The manial between people and snakes in eastern Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. Time to treatment and severity of snake envenoming in Brazil. A diferencia de O. Cuerpo lanceolado, mide 3.

Selection bias should also be considered, since this study only included cases with a complete set of variables. We should note that treatment failures cannot be attributed to nonvenomous snakebites, since this study only included cases attributed to venomous snakes from four genera occurring in Brazil: More contact with scientific and environmental education activities seems to have been decisive for the higher tolerance to snakes by the “PESB” group.


Opisthogoniminae en Bothrops atrox Linnaeus, Viperidae: Snakebite envenoming from a global perspective: Patients who did not receive antivenom therapy were classified as having a delayed time to treatment. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society Serpentes do Estado do Acre: The use of the PAHO logo manusl not permitted.

La gravedad de las lesiones ocasionadas por O. Synopsis of the digenetic trematodes of vertebrates, vols.

Envenomation severity is usually associated with snake taxon. Control of ophidism in Brazil: Attitudes, knowledge and wild animals as pets in Costa Rica. Entre os procedimentos recomendados, as medidas mais indicadas foram alguns entrevistados indicaram mais de uma: The use of zootherapeutics in folk veterinary medicine in the district of Cubati. Pretice Hall, New Jersey. The small sample size of certain strata decreased study power. The study included individuals over 15 years old, for whom the following information set was available: Results The time to treatment variable was strongly associated with the severity of snakebite envenomation.

Antivenom was not used in 4. Parasite burden of O. Cytotoxic effect and apoptosis induction by Bothrops leucurus venom lectin on tumor cell lines.

The relative importance of the main association for the covariables of patient’s sex and age, treatment at specialized care center, snake taxon, and anatomic region of the bite was evaluated using polytomous logistic regression. Crotalus snakes are found in open areas, while Lachesis is seen in dense forest environments, and these two are thus less likely to be involved in ophidian accidents 3 3. As serpentes dos cacauais do sudeste da Bahia.


Ochetosoma heterocoelium Travassos, is a parasite that has been identified in snakes from different locations in Colombia and is considered of veterinary importance.

Palabras clave Mordeduras de serpientes; gravedad del paciente; tiempo de tratamiento; Brasil. Antivenom was not used in 7 5. This notice should be preserved along with the article’s original URL. Ochetosoma heterocoelium se registra por primera vez en Colombia; asimismo, A.

Antivenom only acts on the circulating venom and does not reverse the local lesion effects caused by envenomation.

The relationship between people and snakes in eastern Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Within the covariable strata, severe envenomation was more frequent among males aged 60 dde or over who were bitten by Micrurus in the central axis and treated at a specialized care center Table 1.

In any reproduction of this article there should not be any suggestion ofidjsmo PAHO or this article endorse any specific organization or products.

A language and environment for statistical computing. Bol Malariol Salud Amb. Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins 5: In Herpetologia no Brasil I L.

Dummy variables were constructed to classify the covariables: Different snake types have different types of venom, which can result in distinct clinical manifestations and lethality 3, 12,